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Day 49

 July 8

Farmington Hills, MI to Hickory Corner, MI and back!


Total trip miles to date: 10,628

For a bona fide British car nut like myself, today was a bit of heaven. Joe and I drove our 3-wheelers 2.5 hours to Hickory Corners, MI and the Gilmore Automobile Museum for the annual Mad Dogs and Englishmen all-British car show. And what a show it was, with hundreds of cars: Jaguar, Mini, Triumph, MG, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Caterham, Jensen, TVR, Land Rover, and oh yes, Morgan (2 3-wheelersJ and one plus 4).  A beautiful day to chat with other car lovers and see some  amazing restorations.  All of this on the grounds of a very  impressive car museum that holds an amazing history of beautiful cars, most of them in pristine or restored condition. Here’s a sample:


I’ve never had to tell my Journey Story so many times.  I had it down by mid-afternoon, now etched into my brain forever. I was able to keep eye contact, tell the story and be fully thinking about something else as I was talking.  Amazing!  Rote memory at work.

A number of kids took their place in the driver’s seat to get pictures from their happy parents.  The smile machine was at its best today.  I talked to a lot of folks from all walks of life, including one gentleman who sailed around the world alone in a sailboat.  He was writing about it, but quit writing in Fiji because everything went so smoothly, the book would have been boring. I told him, that’s when you go from non-fiction to fiction.

The Spirit ran perfectly today and is ready for us to re-start the journey.  Tomorrow we drive south to Toledo, then southeast to Wooster (break for lunch) and then on to Wheeling WV. For the next overnight.  The following day, Tue, will include a stop at Morgantown Morgan for a servicing (I hope), on to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, then on to Indiana, PA for the next overnight.

My time in Detroit has been a treat. This is car city and we got a big dose of that every day.  It was especially neat driving to the car show and around Detroit with Joe and his Morgan 3-wheeler. It’s very rare to see one of these vehicles, and almost never will you see two together.

But now it’s time to move on and take on Ohio and Pennsylvania as I work my way to the east coast, then south to Florida. Many thanks to my great hosts, Amy and Joe!

Today’s haiku:

Roaring color all

Friends of shared sound, passion, pride


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  1. Love all the cars! Gods speed!

  2. Great photos, Coach Will. Many thanks and enjoy being back on the road.
    All the best.

  3. Coach Will. That must have been an amazing seen of cars. Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoy reading everyday.


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