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Day 48

 July 7

Farmington Hills, MI

55 miles in and around Detroit

Total trip miles to date: 10,374

A good morning, indeed!  Detroit is called the Motor City. I found out why today. It began with Cars and Coffee at Pastiner’s in Birmingham,MI, went on to historic Ford plants, and then a ride in a historic Citroen.  Wow!  The Cars and Coffee get together had quite an eclectic  collection of cars from like-minded folks.  Joe and I pulled up with our two Morgan 3-wheelers, and it generated quite a buzz. Very enjoyable.  Here’s a taste of just some of the cars that were there:

Triumph TR6, fully restored
The Big Healey. Thank you Donald Healey.
The business end of a Ford GT
Jaguar XKE, arguably the prettiest car ever made.
A beautiful, restored, reliable Volvo
A Ferrari that isn’t red!
A not so powerful 2 seater. Cute Bugeye Sprite
A very powerful 2 seater! Shelby Cobra.
Alpha Romeo. also the names of Amy and Joe’s two cats, Alpha and Romeo.
Just a cool old truck.
This was an original mini Mini.
The BMW Hybrid. Amazing technology, very, very quick, and with 40+ mpg.


Another future Morgan owner takes the driver’s seat.


After quick breakfast at a wonderful Mom and Pop breakfast place,  we went to visit the first Ford factory where Ford Model T’s were initially made and where mass production of cars began.  Marked by a plaque, it is closed and unused. A sad reminder of an amazing time of Ford dominance.


Then we drove to the Ford Piquette plant, now a museum for the early Ford “letter” cars. So neat to see all these cars from Ford, some old, some new, some restored, some barn finds. A sample:

Henry Ford’s office


Meanwhile, in the parking lot: brothers.


On the way home, we stopped by the only Frank Lloyd Wright home in Detroit.  As usual,  a unique and thought-provoking design from the master. I’ll be seeing his Falling Water in a few days.

After riding home, we then took Joe’s Citroen out for a ride.  This little car, a perfect example of simple form following function, was cute, loud, and yet had a very compliant ride. Like the Morgans, it generates a lot of thumbs-up responses. Totally different, totally fun!

I will stay over one more night and then leave Mon. morning to drive through Ohio and get to Morgantown, WV. An oil change on Tue, hopefully, at Morgantown Morgan, then up through Pennsylvania we go. Detroit has been great!


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  1. That TR6 is a wonderful color!

  2. The two brothers are awesome! Gods speed!

  3. Great to see you had a great time in my hometown,
    Coach Belf

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