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Day 51

 July 10

 St. Clairsville, OH to Morgantown, WV

90 miles

Total trip miles to date: 10,996

I made quick work of the 1.5 hr. drive to Morgantown and the Morgan dealer, University Motors (they also sell Toyota, Mercedes, and Mitsubishi).  I was not prepared for the welcome.  As I pulled up to the service doors at University Motors, there were a number of folks assembled.  A TV crew from channel 12, a newspaper reporter, and Brett Cendana (sales manager), Kerri Carpenter (service manager) and the owner of the dealership (and a Brit), Andy Claydon.  Brett welcomed me and introduced me to everyone.  The reporter got to me first with his pad. He had a number of questions, and I answered them quickly.  Then the TV reporter had some questions on camera, and also asked me to drive across the parking lot so they could get a shot of me “arriving”. Glad to help.  Brett told me that they were prepared to look at the vehicle over and deal with all my concerns, including tires. The Spirit was pulled in, and then Brett took me to lunch at a restaurant where I should have been in nicer clothing than I was wearing.  Nice place,  great lunch! Thanks, Brett!

When we got back to the dealership, Shane, the mechanic in charge of Morgans, was hard at work. The Spirit was on the rack with all three wheels off. It was clear that all three tires needed replacing, and all were in stock. The parking break lock was quickly fixed (a spring out of place), and the oil and filter changed.

The ash wood body frame that all Morgans share.

I did some work on the computer and also checked out some really cool British vehicles that belong to boss Andy.  The XKE in the Morgan showroom is automobile perfection and has never been titled!

Now that’s what a real cab looks like!


The most beautiful car ever?


I was at the dealership for nearly 6 hours while the work was done, being charged for only 3 hrs. of labor and the parts, a very fair amount.  Just as important, the dealership was excited about the trip, moved me to the front of the line, and was glad to play a part in the trip. I really appreciated the engagement of everyone. Well done, University Motors of Morgantown! These folks set a high bar!

When I left at 5:15, I decided to find a room just north of Morgantown, and get an early start tomorrow. As I drove to the hotel 10 miles away, I was thrilled with how smooth the Spirit rode and tracked. The cupping of the tires had been happening gradually, and I was not really feeling the gradual degradation in the quality of ride…until I got onto new tires.  Wow! What an improvement! Thank you, Shane!

Shane, Master Mechanic!


Tomorrow I drive the hour to see Falling Water, then head on up the state of Pennsylvania, toward New York state. Weather looks like dry, cooler and less humid over the next 3-4 days. YES! So long to the home of Don Knotts.  I’ll leave you with a bit of Don:

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  1. How many miles did you get out of the tires?

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