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Day 50

 July 9

Farmington Hills, MI to St. Clairsville, OH


Total trip miles to date: 10,906


278 warm miles. Two stops for gas, two more stops for drinks and some AC. I had to say goodbye this morning to Amy (’94) and Joe.  Great hosts!  Many thanks, guys! Every Grinnell grad I have met on the trip has impressed me immensely. That was once again the case.

Angling NW to SE, I made it across the great state of Ohio today after meandering through Toledo and trusting google maps…too much. One of the instructions was to make one of many turns in Toledo.  I suddenly found myself on a bike path! Seriously.  I was on the bike path for about 400 yards before finding a way off. Geez. I must have been a site.

Just shy of Norwalk, a beautiful two-tone 2005 Morgan Roadster pulled up next to me. It was Gary and Sally Kneisley of Grafton, OH.  They came over to join me for lunch in Norwalk.  A short lunch, but a nice visit by Morgan lifers!  Thank for lunch, Gary and Sally!

Gary and Sally


After Norwalk, I got onto Hwy 250 for the rest of the way across the state. A sunny, very warm day it was. The view? Lots of farm fields until I got to around Ulrichsville, where things began to change.  Tappan lake (a huge lake) skirted the route for a few miles, and the hills took over as I drove into St. Clairsville, where I am overnighting.  A nice ride today! Warm? Yes.  But I’m getting used to that.

Tappen Lake


From Fields to Foliage


Downtown St. Clairsville


Tomorrow I’ll drive 1.5 hrs. and stop in at Morgantown Morgan for a servicing and to have the Spirit checked over thoroughly. Got a nice note from Andy Claydon at the dealership inviting me in for whatever is needed. I think I may need new front tires, and the parking brake will not lock. I’ll get that taken care of, check the bevel box oil level and then it’s off to see Falling Water at Bear Run, PA.  I’m excited to see the cars they have on site at the dealership. There’s only a handful of these dealerships in the U.S. Then, it’s off to Falling Water. Here’s a taste:

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  1. After MOG 33 in West Virginia, I and a Buddy drove our Hertz Focus back to Seattle via “Falling Water”, Deadwood, and Little Bighorn Battlefield. My Buddy left His Driving License at Home so I did the driving. My Buddy bought a New York Times and Wall Street Journal each day and read the News out loud. Turns out Hertz thought We had stolen their Ford Focus.

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