Day 76

 August 5

Somerset, KY to Danville and Harrodsburg, KY

65 miles

Total trip miles to date: 15,414

Somerset, KY to Danville, KY is just 55 miles.  It was a pleasant, sunny drive this morning and we found our way to downtown Danville to The Hub Coffee Shop for a quick lunch (a wonderful veggie omelet for brunch) and a frozen coffee drink with almonds and coconut flavoring. Unbelievable! New favorite drink! We drove around the beautiful Centre College campus and then got on the highway to drive the 10 miles to Harrodsburg. I stopped to take pictures of the homes where both my Mom and Dad were born and grew up. They were just 3 blocks away from one another. Both places had unique stories.  My dad’s birthplace home was a very unique multi-gabled house that is now on the national historic registry.

Dad was born here in 1932. Pretty cool if you like gables.


My mom’s house was where she,  her two sisters, and brother all grew up. It was a small place, full of love and support. Challenges back then were just something they dealt with, making the best with what they had. She was 16 before they had running water in the house. . All of those siblings grew up to be special people, as did their kids. It was a lesson to us all that you don’t need a lot to be happy, just each other. Mom and her siblings shared a small bedroom, with cots laid out at night, and they got by just fine.  She told me they never argued, not even once. Ma and Pa Tewmey must have been amazing parents!

My Mom’s home. A small place, big on love.


Harrodsburg is a very historic town, founded in 1774 by James Harrod  and is considered the oldest permanent American settlement west of the Appalachians. An actual fort, Old Fort Harrod was rebuilt in 1927 (by my great grandfather, Peter Nolen Wilson) and is a living example of life in Kentucky during its earliest days.  Both James harried and Daniel Boone lived there. Next to the Fort is the log cabin in which Abraham Lincoln’s parents, Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln, were married. A larger building has been built around it to protect the actual cabin. So much history in my birth town.

Old Fort Harrod, rebuilt by my great-grandfather in 1927.


The cabin in which Lincoln’s parents were married.


It was great to see a couple of my cousins this evening, Laura and Lori, and their mom (and my special Aunt) Flo Tewmey, 88 years young and going strong! My youngest brother, Eric and his wife, Melanie (and granddaughter, Mila) also joined us. Cousin Laura and husband Benny invited us over for a great dinner and a chance to catch up with family members who live too far from us. I gave rides in the Spirit, and little Mila entertained everyone.

Tomorrow, the goal is to get to Springfield, IL, where Abraham Lincoln is buried. My favorite President, I look forward to visiting the memorial and museum on Tue morning. First, however, we will make a stop at Trappist, KY to visit the 166-year-old Abby of Gethsemani. One of my favorite authors is Thomas Merton, a monk who lived a life of prayer, work, and writing in his many years at the Abby. He is buried there. I look forward to some reflection of this trip in a very special place tomorrow.

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